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Nancy10 started this conversation

I have found my house has black toxic mold. Which has made me quite ill. I cant work. Cant sell house because of mold. Anyone know a reputable Mold Remediation company that actually works. The last estimate i got was for over 5,000. No way can afford that. Are there any grants out there to help people pay for this.



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woman in a shoe   in reply to ThirdOracle
Hi nancy not been on here sent 08
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Dear Nancy, If you found help out there please let me know. I'm in the same boat. I'm allergic and disabled. I can't move, can't fix it and am very low income. It looks like you received help? I hope so. I'm new here.
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 in response to diamond lady...   hello
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diamond lady
 in response to diamond lady...   Yes email elmadiamondlady and i will give you what portion to use in your home.
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diamond lady

you can get rid of mold by using boric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

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